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Good Models from Unexpected Places

The CBS TV show Person of Interest is in its second season and continuing to delight its fans.  For those who haven’t gotten hooked yet (and I say “yet” because that can only mean you haven’t seen it), the show … Continue reading

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William Wilberforce – A Model of Perservering Endurance

How could we begin to describe a man like William Wilberforce?  Certainly as an English politician and a generous philanthropist.  But most especially, history knows him as a key leader in the 18th and 19th century movement to abolish the … Continue reading

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Shame on You Both – A Reflection on an Election

First, a disclaimer.  The origin of the idea for this post came from a podcast I heard on “Steve Brown, Etc.” just after the 2008 election.  With that, let me press in. I’m no prophet or a son of a … Continue reading

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