Assurance We Need at the Start of a Week

Jesus is fully God and fully man.  He has walked this earth and ascended to the right handEmptyChair of the Father.  Those are extraordinary truths.  But what, practically speaking, do they mean?  Or, if I may put it crassly, what difference should that make on a Monday morning?

When (not if) I encounter the sadness of life in this fallen world and hardly know how to respond, can I really know that Jesus is with me now?  Yes, I can.

When (not if) I sin, will the Savior who died to pay for that sin be there next to the Father, speaking on my behalf?  Yes, He will.

When (not if) I face opposition to my service to the Lord, when (not if) I find my enemies to be serious about frustrating that service, will I find Him still to be powerfully ruling over everything for my good?  Yes, I will.

And when (not if) I grow weary of all the heart-ache in this sin-scarred world, when I desperately want to know it won’t forever be like this, can I be assured that He is coming to clean up this mess?  Yes, I can.

These things have feet.  They mean something and are worth knowing on a Monday.

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