Tell Me What’s Wrong

crying childPsalm 60 is a lament.  Israel’s life in the land was under threat by her neighbors.  The title connects the psalm to a military campaign described in 2 Samuel 8:13-14, a campaign which Israel won in a great victory over Edom.  But this psalm seems to have been written in the midst of that campaign, before the outcome was clear.

O God, you have rejected us,” they cried.  Worse, they said, God had brought a quaking, tearing, and tottering to the land.  As you read on, we very much hear “You have caused us to see things we never should have seen.  And we are staggering.  We have no footing.  We cannot stand.  How could you do this?”  This is the panic of a scared child.

And how does God respond?  Look at vv.6-8.  Not with scorn and derision (“Shut up!  I’m tired of listening to your sniveling!”).  But with a pursuit of their hearts.  In essence, saying, “Shhh…Tell me what’s wrong…Ah, don’t you know of my love and power for you?”

Which is just how God answers His panic-stricken people today.  Now think of the implication of this.  It means we don’t have to have our thoughts completely in order before we come to Him in prayer.  No, we just come to Him in prayer.  And He then begins to put our thoughts in order.  Just as with a scared child and compassionate parent.

That’s good to know.

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