The Providence of the Irish (Part 2)

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Patrick was uniquely suited for communicating the timeless universal message of the gospel to this particular time and place.  And the Irish were particularly suited for the saving of Western Civilization and, even more importantly, one could say Christianity as well.  Keep in mind what else was happening at this time.  The Roman Empire was crumbling.  External pressures were mounting.  Internal rot was worsening.  The barbarian hordes were sweeping down like a plague of locusts, destroying everything in their path.  By the end of the 5th century, all the great libraries established by the reigns of Augustus on down through Constantine had vanished. 

Now enter, stage left, the Irish and their new found love of learning, literacy, books, and copying.  And copy they did – Plato, Virgil, Cicero, and especially the Bible.  Countless manuscripts in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin were preserved all out on this little island the Romans…

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