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Preaching and Pottering

So I finally did it.  I mentioned the Harry Potter books in a sermon this morning.  And, beyond that, I gladly acknowledged that I have read them and am currently rereading them.  And, even beyond that, I (again, gladly) read … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day – Whimsical Post (with Some Wisdom Thrown in)

I am in no way taking the credit (or the blame) for the piece posted below.  I do recall coming across this amusing list of “Biblical ways to find a wife” from some years ago.  But I found it reposted with … Continue reading

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What If I Saw Things the Way God Does?

That’s not a bad question with which to start.  If I could only know and took to heart how the living God saw things (and sees them now), it would transform what I esteem and value.  It would upend what … Continue reading

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